About Stornetic

Stornetic provides durable, responsive and load-cycling resistant high-power storage systems to stabilise grids supporting the transitions to a renewables-powered future.

We are committed to safety and sustainability. Our products are environmentally positive, with zero emissions, very high efficiency and long working lifecycles, and are almost completely recyclable.

Stornetic GmbH is based in western Germany, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enrichment Technology Limited (ETC). ETC has more than four decades of expertise and experience in producing almost frictionless, fast-rotating, carbon-fibre components for use in the uranium enrichment industry.

Our Management Team

  • Reinhard Hinterreither, Stornetic Managing Director


    Managing Director

    Reinhard is a Managing Director of Stornetic, as well as CEO of our parent company, ETC. Reinhard holds an MBA from Texas A&M, a Masters in Technical Physics from Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, and an Electrical Engineering Bachelors degree from the Higher Technical Institute (HTL), also in Linz.

  • DR. Andreas Scholz

    Managing Director

    Andreas is a Managing Director of Stornetic and Director of the German site of Stornetic’s parent company ETC. Following his long-term appointment as Head of Research and Development at ETC, Andreas possesses great company knowledge. As a physicist he has great technical expertise alongside his established management experience. Andreas studied at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, gaining his PhD in Physics.

  • Christoph Schäfer, Stornetic's Technology and Development Lead


    Head of Business Development and Technology

    Christoph, Head of Business Development & Technology since 2020, has over 15 years of industry experience. Since joining ETC, he has gained expertise in a variety of departments of the business. Christoph graduated from RWTH Aachen University in 2013, receiving his PhD from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


ETC Starts Development of Flywheels

Stornetic’s parent company, ETC, starts the concept development of flywheels as a method of energy storage, based on four decades of experience building almost-frictionless carbon fibre centrifuges for the nuclear power market

JULY 2013

First EnWheel® Prototype

Endurance testing on the first prototype EnWheel begins


Stornetic GmbH Established

Stornetic GmbH is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of ETC

MAY 2015

EnWheel® 22

Stornetic’s first commercial design, the EnWheel 22, is qualified


DuraStor® Qualified

DuraStor fast power storage system is qualified

MAY 2017

EDF Test Grid

DuraStor is installed at the EDF test grid centre in France

JUNE 2017

EnWheel® 60

EnWheel 60 is qualified

MAY 2019

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

DuraStor is installed at customer site Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Nippon Koei

DuraStor is successfully installed in Japan for Nippon Koei

JUNE 2020

EnWheel® 130

EnWheel 130 is qualified, more than doubling each flywheel’s previous capacity