Answering Queries About Stornetic

Is Stornetic technology safe?

Yes. Stornetic fast power systems have been tested extensively in a wide range of conditions and usages, both in test environments and operationally.

Can I use Stornetic solutions in my home as a domestic application?

No, we do not offer products for use in private households. Stornetic offers advanced power storage system for use in customised industrial applications only.

Can Stornetic’s products be used for mobile applications?

No, our products are not designed for on-board use in vehicular vessels. EnWheel and DuraStor are stationary applications.

Can I see technical specs?

No, although Stornetic offers modular container system, each application is custom-built for the power delivery and energy storage needs of the client. We cater all our technical specifications to the individual business case, and as such do not produce “off the shelf” specs.

Does Stornetic use batteries?

No. Stornetic manufactures flywheel systems that store and deliver kinetic energy stored in an almost frictionless electro-mechanical environment. Stornetic can be combined with battery storage systems in a hybrid solution though.

Is Stornetic environmentally friendly?

Yes, Stornetic’s fast power storage applications are completely emissions-free and environmentally friendly. They are also almost completely recyclable. Stornetic systems contribute to a sustainable future of electrical power supply and storage.

Can Stornetic technology be used for photovoltaic energy storage applications?

No, not directly. Our solutions are optimised for fast power storage but are not appropriate for overnight or long term energy storage. However, Stornetic-developed technology can be used to assist with balancing power and grids in situations where renewable sources fluctuate.

How much does Stornetic cost, per MWh storage capacity?

Each Stornetic application is designed individually to suit the conditions and the client’s needs, and so the cost of storage cannot be calculated until the system is fully designed.

Do you have any job vacancies at Stornetic?

If you are interested in a career supporting the sustainable energy solutions of the future, please take a look at the list of open roles on the website of our parent company, ETC.