Safe by Design

At Stornetic, we pride ourselves on our safety-led philosophy, which is heavily reflected in the design of the EnWheel system. We carry out regular risk assessments and failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) on all our products.

Our quality assurance and measures include the evaluation of potential damage mechanisms and the precise numerical simulation of dynamic machine behaviour, material stresses and potential load cases.

Additionally, we run extensive product failure tests, which are taken to ensure the safety and reliability of our machine’s operation.


Our Commitment to Safety

In the early stages of product development Stornetic dedicated a major portion of our research and development funds into extensive safety testing.

This early investment has strongly influenced the design and concept stages of our products, optimising the inherent safety of our flywheels, and the containerised system they are held in.

We continue to test our products, with multiple electrical and mechanical safety tests performed to justify theoretical design and safety management features.

All our products are fully compliant with European regulations, as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.


Our Products: Safety Features

Stornetic is a market leader in safety innovation, patenting specific technology as a result of our extensive testing.

The ring membrane is a forward-thinking example of this innovation. A patent-registered component designed to sit between the EnWheel and its foundation, it ensures the machine has the mobility to safely spin while firmly mounted to the concrete beneath.

For further insight into our safety protocol, please see our FlyWheel Safety whitepaper.