Stadtwerke München (SWM)

SWM is Munich’s main utility provider. They have extensively tested Stornetic’s DuraStor fast power storage system, looking at the how decentralised energy storage can contribute to grid effectiveness.

Électricité de France - EDF

French electricity company EDF invited Stornetic to install our DuraStor fast power storage solution at their R&D testing site. The flywheel-based power storage was used to test and develop smart grid solution and a range of other innovative energy applications.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) KIT is one of Germany’s leading research universities – KIT approached Stornetic to supply a fast power storage unit for evaluation in its specialist research lab.


Stornetic played a major part in a publicly funded project in Germany that has created a virtual power plant with a range of innovative technologies, securing decentralised supply scenarios and localising power quality optimisation.

Nippon Koei

Nippon Koei, as one of Japan’s leading power engineering companies, is currently investigating Stornetic’s flywheel technology to evaluate its potential in the Asian energy market. The outcome of this project will be the generation of renewable-driven hybrid power to support future energy transition.