Implementing a New Fast Power Storage System

Stornetic’s fast power storage systems are modular, containerised and fully safe systems that can be easily and safely installed.

For every new installation Stornetic experts are on hand to support customers. Depending on the business case, we can offer any level of assistance, from designing and delivering a concrete foundation for the flywheel system, to simply plugging it in.

Choosing the level of service is often influenced by the budget, location and energy requirements of a business, but clients can rest assured that whatever the conditions and requirements, Stornetic will be on-hand to support installation.


A Service Catered to the Customer

With the installation of our products, it is possible to choose almost any level of autonomy or assistance. Please note that, for every new Stornetic system our assistance in connecting to the power supply for safe mechanical installation is required as standard.

For examples of our installation work, read our client case studies on Nippon Koei and EDF.