Overcome Peak Load Challenges with DuraStor®

Many industrial and manufacturing companies face a challenge in managing high-power peak loads.

Challenges include:

  • very high connection fee rates, even if the maximum load is needed only for a short time
  • power supply constraints, such as limited physical connections or contractual limitations
  • the inability to expand process or manufacturing capabilities because of commercial or technical issues with the power supply connection.

The key to managing these challenges is peak shaving. This involves the avoidance of high power peaks, thereby reducing the technical demand for an industrial process, and significantly improving the commercial benefit of operations.


The Solution

DuraStor offers a way to reduce high power connection rates, by shaving power peaks and smoothening dynamic process loads. It does this by providing rapid power from energy storage, enabling users to smooth out the peaks of power demand.

DuraStor lets you significantly reduce your connection fees, overcome grid connection constraints or even expand process or manufacturing capacities by using your power supply connection more efficiently.


Customer Examples

Peak shaving solutions are in high demand in industrial situations where a process has a high level of power volatility and high numbers of cycles, for example:

  • a metal pressing process in the automotive industry will demand short periods of intense mechanical power demand, this requires frequent reoccurrence of high electrical power provision pressure and high power
  • in the electrochemical industry, where processes often use a high amount of cycling power peaks
  • in an induction oven application, where something needs to be heated up very quickly, smart power storage can help deliver a large amount of power for a short time.

Beyond the Grid

Many industrial companies are now looking to produce some of their own energy, both to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

This often involves using renewables and local combined heat and power (CHP), local grid enhancements or techniques such as power recovery. In this scenario, Durastor offers a compelling solution for overcoming the problem of short-term power mismatch between generation and consumption.

Power generation from renewables and local assets can sometimes be unpredictable, so DuraStor enables energy to be stored at times of low power demand, saving it to be discharged rapidly during peak load situations.