Safer, Cleaner Power with EnWheel®

Our flywheel-based kinetic power storage unit, EnWheel, is designed for high-power performance and efficient charging cycles. Offering a durable, reliable storage solution, EnWheel is modern power storage at its best.


Custom Power Storage Through DuraStor®

DuraStor is a modular containerised system that can be modified to the needs of almost any power storage application. This dynamic system is customisable in both power delivery and storage capacity.


Safe by Design

Stornetic has a safety-led philosophy, which is reflected in the design of our technology. We carry out regular risk assessments and FMEA on all our products.


Straightforward and Simple Installation

The implementation of our systems is straightforward and simple, tailored for each business case. The Stornetic team are on hand to facilitate construction and offer training for using our products.