Build a Totally Independent Power Supply

DuraStor power storage provides an essential component for forward-thinking companies wishing to establish their own fully independent power supplies.

As energy prices rise and power grids grow increasingly unstable, many industries are naturally looking for ways in which they can guarantee power availability at the times they need it.


Self Supply Using a Smart Grid

Establishing a self-supply of local power generation is an ambitious but achievable aim. In order to achieve that aim, companies will likely need to combine:

  • renewables such as PV and wind
  • combined heat & power (CHP) producing power from combustibles such as gas or hydrogen
  • DuraStor, a smart power storage solution, enabling peaks and troughs to be managed smoothly
  • additional back up connections to a public utility.

This combination presents an opportunity to establish a fully independent power supply that largely avoids the fluctuations and high costs of public grids, as well as diminishing price volatility and energy availability issues.


How DuraStor® Can Help

Companies wishing to achieve a self-reliant electrical power grid can use DuraStor fast power storage system as the central power hub of a hybrid system. Benefits of this solution include:

  • high-quality power and security of supply for a local grid, through frequency regulation techniques, voltage stabilisation and short-term storage capacities
  • available virtual inertia stiffens the local voltage frequency
  • additional cold start capability enables the safe restart of local assets
  • maximum flexibility, enabled by its unique interface technology, to be included into a local energy management system (EMS).

For further insight into the benefits of these solutions, please see our Hybrid Storage whitepaper.