Nippon Koei

DuraStor Fast Power Storage Applied in Japan

Nippon Koei is one of Japan’s leading international engineering enterprises, with a reputation for innovating through research investment.

Nippon Koei approached Stornetic to learn more about Fast Power Storage, and this enquiry has led to a project involving the supply of a full DuraStor system to Japan.

The “FlyStab” project has seen Stornetic supply and install DuraStor technology for Nippon Koei at the Japanese FREA research centre in Koriyama, Honshu.

Nippon Koei’s main focus is to investigate Stornetic’s flywheel technology and evaluate its potential in the Asian energy market.

“Japan needs a safe and sustainable energy transition towards a decentralised energy grid and renewable power generation.”

At the FREA research centre, the DuraStor system is now being evaluated against a range of use case scenarios, including:

  • hybridisation with batteries to increase battery lifetime
  • decentralised virtual inertia
  • frequency stabilisation
  • micro grid scenarios.