Stadtwerke München (SWM)

Regional Utility Company Uses DuraStor® for Decentralised Storage Application

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is Munich’s municipal utilities company, and supplies one of Germany’s biggest cities with energy, drinking water and many other utilities. SWM is one of the largest energy and infrastructure companies in Germany.

SWM has a reputation as an innovator in utility provision, and they have tested Stornetic’s DuraStor system, to evaluate the benefits of decentralised energy storage. To undertake the evaluation, SWM invested in a DuraStor system of 560 kW | 95kWh capacity, which included 28 EnWheel 22 flywheel machines installed in a single container.

This container was physically installed at Stornetic’s site at Jülich in western Germany – but for accounting and monitoring purposes it was attributed to the SWM accounting grid, located in the south of the country.

The DuraStor control system itself was connected directly to and operated by the SWM SCADA interface, via a DSL-VPN interface.

“The purpose of this evaluation was to show that fast power storage can be financially positive for a utility in a decentralised application”

The evaluation demonstrated the economic advantages of Stornetic’s fast power storage system to the customer.

By storing and winning back residual energy shares, and by using its high power short time reaction capability, DuraStor can positively contribute to the avoidance of mis-match penalties in case of 15-minute prognosis deviations.